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Installation Help

Log in as guest and click the livecd-install icon.
Enter root password - root
Click on the Disk Partition Button
Create a swap partition double your memory or 2 gigs if interested in remastering pclinuxos
Format the swap partition.
Create a 5 gig or larger partition in ext3 or reiserfs format
Make the mount point /mnt/pclinuxos
(PCLinuxos will install in a 2.5 gig partition, but you might want more space to install additional software)
Format the /mnt/pclinuxos partition making a note of the /dev/hdax number (ex. /dev/hda5).
Exit diskdrake and say yes to have fstab update itself.
Select the partition to install and uncheck the format box.

At this point the install will begin to uncompress and copy the files from the cd to the hard drive
This process usually takes about 15-20 minutes on an Athlon 1700 pc and a fast cdrom drive.


At this point you have the option to install or skip the bootloader. You may select to install the bootloader to the MBR (Master Boot Record), to the partition where you installed PCLinuxOS or skip the bootloader all together which you can add pclinuxos to an existing bootloader. The default is to write to the MBR. Please note if you have Grub installed in the MBR as your current bootloader, lilo will have problems trying to overwrite it. It would be best to just add pclinuxos to your current grub install. If you want to wipe out grub completely you will need a bootable
dos/windows boot disk an fdisk /MBR to clear it.

Activate Syslog

The livecd has system logging turned off by default. You may turn it on for the hard drive install. System logging stores various boot and system data in the /var/log directory which might be handy when trying to troubleshoot your installation.

Set Root Password

You may enter a new root/adminstrative password at this point. Please right it down. Normally you run Linux as a user and only rise to root functions to perform system tasks. This helps make Linux safe and secure.

Delete Guest Account

You can select to delete the guest account at this point or you may keep the guest account if you want to use a usb key with it, or you can recreate it later.

Create New User

This option allows you to create one or more unique user names and passwords that you (or others) will use to log into your linux system.


You may now reboot, remove the cd and boot the hard drive!

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