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Are you tired of Windows? Fed up with the constant crashes, blue screens of death, sluggishness, and viruses? Worried about identity theft from spyware? Well, surf the net with ease and have no fear with the latest revolutionary OS... PCLinuxOS!

PCLinuxOS is the Windows replacement that will make your PC fast, secure, and free from constant crashes! One of the primary benefits of PCLinuxOS versus many other Linux distributions is the fact PCLinuxOS was designed for a seamless transition from the XP environment to using a Linux Desktop.Many of the window behaviors, system utilities, and applications closely mimic those equivalent in Windows XP allowing a smooth transition from XP to Linux with little or no training.

PCLinuxOS Linux comes loaded with a wide variety of the best applications and useful tools pre-installed (such as a Web-Browser, an Email-Client, a complete Office Suite, CD & DVD Burning Software, Photo Editing Software, MP3 & Movie Playback Software and a Top Firewall for the best Security) so you can get started right away.

PCLinuxOS Linux is the future of operating systems! If you are tired of Windows constantly crashing all the time, the blue screens of death, the nasty viruses, constant pop-ups, and sluggish performance, you will find PCLinuxOS will do all that you normally do with Windows WITHOUT any of the hassles.

Switch to PCLinuxOS today!!!

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